[Japan Reacts] Shokugeki no Soma 314 Spoiler

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  • Pretty happy to see that he’s cooking for Erina. The whole reason why I stuck around was to see this lol
  • So Grandpa, Alice’s father, and Azami all acted to rescue the God tongue users.
  • Sounds like the story finishes with Soma marrying Erina. 
  • As most predicted, Soma cooks for Erina, and Erina will cook for her mother. That’s the way it should be Tsukuda! That’s what I wanted to see!
  • As usual, all school related stories will never finish the 3 years of school. Isn’t the graduation ceremony supposed to be a moving event? 
  • I get that people want Soma and Erina to end up together. But why are so many obsessed with them having children? You want to have a story with the 2nd generation?
  • Erina will win but she will say it was delicious. 
  • Most of the story was about fighting against getting expelled. So the way the story is wrapped is weird lol
  • That the story was about fighting against getting expelled was weird in itself lol
  • The fact is that the God Tongue is a curse is something that was added later on. They call it a curse and yet they let Erina work as a taster. 
  • Gramps was a scum but he does feel some remorse. 
  • It’s quite nuts that Senzaemon used illegal methods to give Hayame a Japanese citizenship. Not even sure why you would need citizenship to go to high school, and what does he think the law is. Go to prison Gramps. 

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