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  • Soma winning and Asahi losing was obvious. And as expected, there was a consequence of robbing the knives of other chefs. And the stripping pulse caused an “Ohajike” to the others? That sounds criminal lol Mana still hasn’t acknowledged Soma, so that probably means that he needs to do it together with Erina.
  • Jouichiro’s point was that he has to meet his wife, but Asahi’s crazy and decided to forcefully abduct his wife.
  • As usual, the explanation when Soma wins against a better chef than him is so random. It’s not convincing at all. This is probably one of the reasons why Soma’s popularity is declining.
  • in response to the comment above >>> It’s just that his opponent got weaker. Soma didn’t get any stronger.
  • What’s even the difference with Azami’s stripping and this time’s stripping+ohajike?
  • I’m hoping there will be some stripping scene with Erina in the final.
  • So it’s a ohajike festival and not a stripping festival.
  • It was the same in the Soba battle, but if they’re going to say that Soma wins the fight because he has something that the opponent doesn’t, then at least make that something more special. Or else, it makes it seem like that all the other ones who have lost to Soma are lacking that something.

updated translation:

  • It’s saying that Asahi doesn’t have his own taste, but you can say the same for Soma.
  • in response to the comment above: Well Soma isn’t stealing the abilities of others.
  • Saw the image leaks and I laughed how Asahi peacefully left the arena. What was this guy actually about lol
  • in response to the comment above: Just a tool to hype up Soma.
  • This isn’t too bad. Let’s move on to the Erina fight.
  • Soma will take over Yukihira if he wins the tournament. But even if wins, but doesn’t manage to make Erina say, “It’s delicious” then it won’t be a complete win for Soma. I wonder how it will end up.
  • I can understand the explanation that Asahi’s ideas or knowledge lack originality, but it also feels like the ideas of the chefs who got their abilities stolen by Asahi also got rejected.

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