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  • Is the manga finishing? Not sure if we even get Soma vs Erina. Or a proper epilogue. 
  • Till recently, the strongest chef seemed to be Jouichiro and he got defeated by Asahi, so if Soma defeats Asahi then he would become the world’s greatest chef? I hope we won’t get a lousy explanation that Jouichiro wasn’t serious. 
  • Kuga’s mother…no, I meant Soma’s mother.
  • If Kuga had an older sister, then she would probably look like her. 
  • Some are saying it looks like the manga is ending, but we don’t have enough chapters to fill volume 36. Maybe we will move to GIGA.
  • She doesn’t resemble the silhouette we got at all…
  • in response to the comment above: >>>Perhaps, he forgot about that lol
  • Huh? Soma’s mother’s flashback seems way too short. Also, Asahi’s loss is confirmed. 
  • The assumption used to be that Soma’s mother is better at cooking than Jouichiro. Turns out it’s the exact opposite lol
  • Huh…? The daughter of a restaurant owner? This seems to be fine but, what about the part that Soma doesn’t know his grandparents?
  • in response to the comment above>>> I guess his grandparents died before Soma got old enough to know them and his mother took over the restaurant. 
  • Special bestowing…will we finally have a fully naked festival? 

Updated reactions:

  • It was a Soma flashback, so I’m not complaining, but I would’ve loved to see Jouichiro meeting Tamako and him devoting all his cooking to her.
  • Shouldn’t Asahi’s superpower also have absorbed the experience of the failures of the chefs? And we’re still using the diner factor? What’s even the point of going to Tootsuki…
  • I wonder if the name Tamako comes from the name Tamago (egg). The fight between Soma and Erina could be about eggs as well.
  • So his mother sucked at cooking, but his father’s talent neutralized Soma’s overall talent.
  • Shinomiya’s spinoff is close to finishing as well. The spinoff is a serious cooking manga, but what about this…
  • in response to the comment above >>> You’ve to think differently. This is the spinoff manga and Shinomiya’s one is the main line.
  • Tamako and Jouichiro’s relationship is similar to the one Soma and Erina have. I wonder if Erina will also make disgusting dishes in the future.
  • I came once again to realize that this manga is really just about Soma and Erina. The importance between them and the rest is way too big.
  • I wonder what that special bestowing is about.
  • in response to the comment above >>> Maybe the flashback transfers to the other people? I mean we got superpowers now so I wouldn’t be surprised.

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