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Important: Please do not take these comments as facts, and that all Japanese people have the same opinions as translated below. It’s just an example of some discussions, and they are meant to serve some insight to the views people have. We hope that you enjoy it!

>>> If it isn’t Nakamura kun! He’s more loved now than ever!

in response to the comment above>>>>> Well it’s because a bigger scum than him has appeared. So it’s obvious that most will say that Nakamura is better.

>>> Asahi is so creepy that Nakamura kun looks so clean. 

>>> That award face from Nakamura is hilarious. 

>>> So Nakamura did indeed come lol I hope we will finally see Jouichiro and Erina talking. The last time we didn’t get anything. 

>>> Asahi will be defeated and then we will have the Erina fight and wrap it off with the epilogue. 

>>> I was re-reading volume 13 and 14 and it’s super fun. How did the manga end up like this?

>>> The discussion between Nakamura and Mana is exactly like Soma and Erina. That’s something I gotta praise. 

>>> I’m tired of this loop.

>>> Jouichiro found happiness by meeting Soma’s mom, so I guess he will finally talk about her. 

>>> Next chapter should be nice. Azami’s stocks are rising as well. 

>>> Nakamura’s plan was for Mana and Erina? What kind of logic is that? No matter how you think about it, it seems like it’s shortening their death sentence. 

>>> Nakamura kun’s tyranny was due to Mana and Jou after all. I kinda guessed that’s the connection that will be made. 

>>> Can’t wait seeing Hishoko again. 

>>> What Azami did to Erina was far over the line. Just because he despaired after losing his wife, that was child abuse. 


>>> Issue 24: We will hear about Jouichiro’s story and then end with Soma presenting his dish. Issue 25: The judges will analyze Soma’s dish. Issue 26: Soma wins and the story will move to JUMP GIGA. This sounds good to me.

>>> It’s impossible to justify what Nakamura did by saying that he did it for Erina and Mana.

in response to the comment above>>>>> It kinda makes that he did for Mana, but not for his own daughter. That was just abuse.

>>> Those who think the manga will still continue after all this are way too positive.

>>> Maybe it depends on the anime whether it will continue or not?

>>> Azami suffered from despair and then regained hope and then married and became a father and then fell to darkness. Jouichiro got exhausted to cook and traveled around the world and then met his wife and then Soma was born. Meanwhile, all Dojima did was train his muscle?

>>> I don’t believe that to be true, but can it be that Mana hasn’t tasted Jouichiro’s world class dish yet?

in response to the comment above>>>>> Maybe. Erina ate Jouichiro’s dish after Mana’s disappearance.

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