[Japan Reacts] Shokugeki no Soma 308

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Important: Please do not take these comments as facts, and that all Japanese people have the same opinions as translated below. It’s just an example of some discussions, and they are meant to serve some insight to the views people have. We hope that you enjoy it!

>>> No matter how much he resists, the fact that Asahi’s dish got tasted first means it’s already over. 

>>> Hmm as expected, even in the final moments, we will get the usual “the one who serves later has the better dish!” 

>>> I’m tired seeing this tough guy act from Asahi.

>>> Why is someone who despaired from taste eating so easily. 

>>> So he lost against Asahi in terms of scent. Didn’t he say that scent matters a lot when he fought against Hayama?

>>> Wait, Mana eating here shouldn’t right…This curse of their family is this easily lifted?  

>>> When you think about it, Soma made his dish one by one, and yet Asahi, who started before him finished at the same time as Soma. No matter how you think about this, it’s clear that Asahi will lose. 

>>> Considering the flow of the story, the moment Erina’s mom was able to eat should mean the fight is decided. Assuming she also eats Soma’s dish, I wonder how they will decide this fight…

        in response to comment above >>>>> In Asahi’s case, it seems more like she was interested in eating and hence ate his dish. Soma has lost to Asahi in terms of the scent. So, I guess they will again say he did something with the sauce that will make the scent explode. And the moment Mana smells it, her drooling just won’t stop. 

>>> I seriously hope this won’t be about which dish makes Mana ask for a second serving…

        in response to comment above >>>>> Why would it matter? Considering how much Erina’s mom suffered from despair, if Soma’s dish makes her ask for a second serving, then this should decide the fight. But then again, didn’t we have something like this in the fight against Nikumi?

>>> When Erina felt despair from taste, it was Jouichiro who made her taste something delicious. What about the fact that this would be a repeat of the past in a way?

>>> Two possible outcomes with Mana. 1) If Erina wins: I will create a new taste everyday, so let’s live together like before. 2) If Soma wins: I don’t want to become the Bookmaster’s chef, so let me marry Erina and Mana lives together with them.

>>> Nakamura kun is looking from the shadows, wanting to join them.

>>> Just saying but I haven’t given up on Tadokoro ending up with Soma. 

>>> It will end up being the case that Asahi got ahead of himself and messed up the process and Soma wins the fight because of that.

       in response to comment above >>>>> More like Mana will say she doesn’t want it after tasting it once. I mean Asahi’s dish will make her lose her consciousness, right? lol

>>> The bestowing only affected “small characters”.

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