[Japan Reacts] Shokugeki no Soma 307

Important: Please do not take these comments as facts, and that all Japanese people have the same opinions as translated below. It’s just an example of some discussions, and they are meant to serve some insight to the views people have. We hope that you enjoy it!

>>> I guess next week Asahi will serve. This fight is long lol

>>> Just reading the text gives me a bad feeling

>>> Shinomiya flashback means Soma will win?!

>>> Maybe it will be Osechi.

>>> Didn’t he do the same thing with the Konbini task?

>>> Will it just be a course menu? Or something like a Okosama Lunch?

>>> I re-read from the Asahi arc till the beginning of the BLUE and I was reminded about Soma saying that he would succeed “Yukihira” if he wins the competition. He shows no signs of winning against Asahi, but I wonder if he will really lose. 

>>> He will win against Asahi, but lose against Erina in the final and won’t be able to succeed Yukihira. 

>>> Feel like he will lose

>>> It goes exactly according to the formula of the one serving first will lose

>>> No way Soma will lose. Not sure how he will win though.

>>> The taste itself will be around the same, but what Asahi made is what Jouichiro already made?

>>> Why not put the 5 dishes into a mixer and put them on rice and make something like a Don.

>>> French is reserved for Shinomiya. What even is Tsukasa…

>>> Feel like it takes another 5 weeks. 

>>> How long did the Hayama fight take again?

>>> Made me laugh how quickly the anime finished the Hayama fight 

>>> No way that the bookmaster will acknowledge both dishes. Erina’s mom will probably say that she has tasted a dish like this before. This is too miserable. 

>>> Wouldn’t a dish that didn’t exist in this world still bore her after 2 or 3 times? Or is it going to be the kind Diner taste that makes her like it? And that’s something the knife from the Saiba era cannot bring out…

>>> It’s just a waste of pages for Jump. Why won’t this manga just end…

>>> Wasn’t it hinted that the reason Soma can’t win against Asahi was because of his knife? 

>>> Usually humans don’t know whether tastes that they’ve never tasted before are delicious or not.

>>> If Soma can’t win, then it’s over. It’s over anyway though.

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