[Japan Reacts] Pokemon Sword and Shield will not have National Dex


  • To be honest, I actually prefer the BW graphics and would rather have all Pokemon available than this beautiful 3D animation. The BW graphics may seem outdated but the recently released Octopus Traveler had a similar style and is rated highly.
  • For those that play the game just for battles, it may not be a big deal. But the ones who like Pokemon as a whole, I can see why it’s so tough to not be able to go on an adventure with their favourite Pokemon…I know that everyone has different perspectives, but for me personally, they can delay the game and should release all Pokemon…
  • So it’s a game where you can only enjoy the story and graphics…
  • If my favourite Pokemon Pachirisu and Cinccino aren’t playable then I’m conflicted whether I should buy it or not…
  • Even if it’s after the release, I hope we will eventually be able to send all Pokemon to the game.
  • I don’t care about Mega evolution or Z moves but I want the national dex.
  • I hope they will cancel Dynamax and increase the amount of Pokemon…
  • I feel like lots of people will stay in USUM.
  • So all the Pokemon that I caught can’t be moved…
  • Sword and Shield is a failure then.
  • I think the problem is that they said they made this decision to improve the quality of the game. The UI of Pokemon compared to other games is quite poor so getting criticized was going to happen eventually.
  • This makes me lose motivation to play the game.
  • Saying that it can’t be helped isn’t a solution.
  • My issue is that the gameplay looked extremely poor. The landscape that could be seen from the preview was so average that I couldn’t understand what it’s trying to convey. And in the gameplay, the texture looked off and when I saw that tree with the low graphic; I honestly couldn’t believe it. And regarding the amount of Pokemon, I won’t complain about that. Considering the cost, I don’t think they’re being lazy. I of course don’t know the official prize, but I’m assuming it will be similar to the previous releases.
  • It may be true that it can’t be helped, but it’s sad that I can’t bring all my Pokemon to the game.
  • If that’s the issue they have with the Switch, then stick with the 3DS.
  • With later updates, I hope that we can bring Pokemon that aren’t in the Galar Dex. That’s what the fans want.
  • For those that started playing from the first generation, they wanted the amount to be cut down, so it’s alright. But those that started from the 3rd generation won’t take this choice so lightly. I expected something like this to happen eventually.
  • This is disappointing. I will quit playing Pokemon then. Maybe I should move to Yo-Kai watch?
  • Something similar happened in Ruby and Sapphire so it can’t be helped. But the problem here is that they announced it now. They could’ve announced it earlier at the beginning by saying, “The new platform means the amount of Pokemon will be limited”. But saying it now sounds like, “We can’t make it happen! But we will release it as planned so please buy this incomplete product!” Isn’t it natural that people are upset about it?
  • Why not take more development time then? I don’t see the need to rush it.
  • Saying that they needed to cut down the amount because of the quality and battle balance isn’t convincing at all. Make more Pokemon available instead of introducing Dynamax.
  • in response to the comment above: Choosing not to release all Pokemon is absolutely trash.
  • This is the wish of all Pokemon trainers! Without any good reason, getting rid of everyone’s Pokemon isn’t right! If you can’t do it, then you have failed as creators! Please, respond to the wishes of your fans!
  • This isn’t the Pokemon that I know.
  • I think people expected some Pokemon to be cut off eventually as the amount increased but the Wingull flying animation is something I can’t forgive. They reduced the amount of Pokemon to prioritize the quality and they ended up with that.
  • I feel like even people who buy the game because it’s Pokemon will pass this one.
  • Everyone please don’t buy this game.
  • What? I caught all Pokemon…and I can’t bring them to the new game…? Seriously…they will be left in my DS?
  • If they struggle so much with the Switch, then release it on the PS 4 lol
  • Considering how much revenue they have, why not just hire more people. At the end, they’re just unwilling to spend money.


  • Masuda san’s Twitter is going crazy. I get the impression that the negative comments come especially from overseas. I’ve heard that most comments are saying that they’re fine with extending the release date if we get all Pokemon. I had the impression that most Japanese understand that it was a tough decision and that it’s only the minority who are upset, but there are still quite a few who are against this. It’s also possible that fans from overseas won’t buy the game and it could heavily impact the sales. But the game itself looks interesting.
  • in response to the comment above: If the fans overseas won’t buy the game then the future of Pokemon could be in danger…
  • I could see how heartbreaking and frustrating it must have been for Masuda san, so I don’t have any issues with it at all. Considering the amount of Pokemon we have now, the option to not cut down the amount is close to impossible.
  • Turning about 800 Pokemon to HD and re-creating the model and improving everything to high quality motion isn’t easy. They are also adding new Pokemon and new moves and have to do tests. Please understand how hard doing all this is.
  • I think quite a lot of Japanese are looking forward to the game, but when it comes to this issue, it looks like American fans are really livid. I’ve heard lots of them like to collect all Pokemon.
  • Personally, I welcome this choice, but are the majority against this?
  • I feel like it’s actually insane that we got all Pokemon in previous games. Let’s appreciate GameFreaks who made all Pokemon available in previous games!
  • It’s actually impressive that they released all Pokemon till now…must have been quite challenging, so I guess we got to understand it and move on.
  • I feel like if you think about the quality, then it can’t be helped…But I think even though not all Pokemon are going to be featured, the content and the new Pokemon alone are enough to make me happy.
  • When I think about the animation quality, then there probably isn’t much that can be done about it.
  • It’s a huge decision. This is the start of a new era!
  • It’s indeed sad but I think we got spoiled till now, so I can’t complain and I appreciate their hard work.
  • Maybe USUM was just too amazing. It managed to have more than 800 Pokemon with beautiful graphic and animation and yet managed to have a balanced battle system. I honestly don’t have a negative impression regarding the limited amount of Pokemon and I’m excited to see how the new battle system will look like with the new platform.
  • The Pokemon anime came out before the game in the US, so most of them value the characters and world view more than us. By the way, for us the famous slogan is “Let’s catch Pokemon” but in English it’s “Pokemon, Gotta catch’em all!”  

Sources: Youtube, Twitter, nicovideo, 5ch and various blogs

Note: I have spent the last 3 days or so researching and translating reactions and comments from Japanese communities reacting to the news about the national dex in Pokemon Sword and Shield. I’ve tried my best to make them as representative as possible by going over all kinds of platforms discussing this matter and included both positive and negative reactions. However, it is obviously challenging to make it perfect, so please take it as an example of some reactions and views Japanese have about it. Thanks!

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