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Important: Please do not take these comments as facts, and that all Japanese people have the same opinions as translated below. It’s just an example of some discussions, and they are meant to serve some insight to the views people have. We hope that you enjoy it!

>>> Law said some pretty cold things, but it’s good to see that he cares a lot about his friends. 

in response to comment above >>>>> So he didn’t even consider the risks that his crew mates could be suspected yet he formed an alliance with complete strangers. The Heart pirates seem like bunch of kids acting as pirates. 

>>> How weak are Law’s crew mates? I’m surprised that they got this far.

in response to comment above >>>>> Exactly this. If this were the Straw hats, isn’t this basically Zoro, Sanji, or Jinbei losing like this? 

>>> Even Chopper alone could easily destroy Law’s crew mates. 

>>> Where is that huge guy in Law’s crew who seems to be the strongest?

>>> I would be disappointed if Drake leaving the marine was because he couldn’t stand seeing naked women.

>>> Law has promised to Luffy that they would defeat Kaidou. But he hasn’t promised them to rescue Wano. After Shinobu said something like that, he really has no reason to help them out anymore. Shouldn’t he just leave?

in response to comment above >>>>> But they formed an alliance at Zou.

>>> The biggest problem is that Kaidou hasn’t appeared lately. He defeated Luffy with one blow, and then we saw him panic when Big Mom came. Orochi is boring as hell as well. And Momo and Kinemon are just perverted Samurai.

>>> When Kyoushiro picked up that note, and when the plan was leaked are overlapping but he doesn’t seem to be that type of guy to tell Orochi. 

>>> Luffy himself knows that he has to be the one to defeat Kaidou. It’s the same pattern as usual, but this time I don’t see Luffy defeating Kaidou. 

>>> Queen is the worst at the moment. He let it slide when Kid escaped. And now his subordinates are getting beat up and he lets it slide again. 

>>> It will be interesting how Mom will wind up the situation and when exactly her memories come back. 

>>> So, how strong is Queen?

in response to comment above >>>>> People know instinctively the powers of ones weaker than them. I don’t know how Luffy will grow from here, but Queen has the confidence of the strong, observes Luffy, and isn’t panicking. 

>>> I can’t imagine Sanji fighting forever using that suit. 

>>> Sanji’s strength is still unclear. But it wouldn’t harm if he’s on the calamity level. I mean he’s the number three of the future pirate king. 

>>> Why is Queen so relaxed/ At this rate, he will allow Luffy to get stronger and break out of prison, and then get destroyed by Mom. 

>>> I wonder if Momo will appear like God Usopp from Bim Mom’s palms and give a speech to the prisoners. 

>>> Luffy’s side has way too many allies so it doesn’t feel like despair. I hope Big Moma and the CP0 would side with Kaidou.

in response to comment above >>>>> It may be a lot of allies, but the power of those isn’t that big.

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