[Japan Reacts] Kanojo Okarishimasu 90

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  • What happened with Mami lol Where’s the direction in this manga?
  • Wouldn’t most grandmothers hate to know that their grandchildren is receiving money to go on a date with men?
  • It’s only Kazuya who will feel better to reveal the truth to them. If things don’t work out perfectly, then Chizuru will regret the outcome forever. Even if she miraculously got a role in a movie now, it would still be too late as well.
  • Chizuru’s grandma would also find out that Kazuya used a lot of money on her granddaughter right? Then she will die feeling guilty towards Kazuya’s grandma.
  • Ruka got sent back home? lol Next time she appears, she will probably act like nothing happened.
  • The Grandmas getting criticized a lot, but essentially speaking, it’s Kazuya and Chizuru’s fault. I actually feel sorry for them.
  • The one being lied is close to dying so he thinks that revealing the truth is good but it’s only meaningful to him but not the one who has to hear that. Chizuru’s is her granddaughter so she will regret either outcome.
  • It was clear this manga would have a Chizuru ending since chapter one, but after reading, the only good outcome would be the Ruka route.
  • I cheer for Ruka and she’s a good girl, but the fact she likes Kazuya is nuts.
  • Everyone’s complaining but you all like this manga lol

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