[Japan Reacts] Kanojo Okarishimasu 89

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  • I assumed that they wouldn’t let him talk till the end, and of course it happened lol It has become a manga where we can see Ruka suffer.
  • Everything that happened right before Kazuya trying to reveal the secret was as everyone expected and that made laugh so hard.
  • If I were him, then I would still say that, “We broke up. So, hurry up the hospital” It’s not a reason not to reveal everything just because Chizuru’s grandmother collapsed. I actually want Kazuya and Chizuru to be freed from the hell the Grandmother puts them in.
  • They lied that Chizuru and Ruka were like sisters since they were young, so once they got to the hospital, Chizuru’s grandmother will be like, “Who are you?” and the secret gets revealed

>>>in response to the comment above: Why does a grandparent need to know the friends her granddaughter has?

  • The manga does have the potential to be interesting, but the story needs to be told better.
  • The protagonist’s unclear thoughts are irritating, but when they become clear, then the manga will also end.
  • Can a protagonist like this be allowed. Naruto at the beginning was so dumb that I hated him, but it wasn’t like his personality was bad. But this protagonist here doesn’t just have a bad personality, but also acts like a coward. No dream to chase, but uses money for rental girlfriends.
  • Revealing the secret to his grandmother was supposed to be the first step for the protagonist to be redeem himself, but then it gets again dragged on.
  • If your feelings change because of Ruka so many times, then why not date her. If he’s so serious about Chizuru, then his feelings wouldn’t move so easily.

>>>in response to the comment above: When you think about it, it’s really scummy how he dates Ruka just because he wants to hide the secret from his family.

  • At this point, the best thing for them is to apologize for lying. If not, then the story just won’t progress.

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