[Japan Reacts] Kanojo Okarishimasu 88

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>>> This week Kazuya is regretting what happened, but he will forget everything next chapter anyway lol

>>> Next chapter Ruka will probably suffer even more, but I think it would be for the best to break her ties with Kazuya now.

>>> Kazuya didn’t realize that he had been awful to Ruka till now? And Grandma also needs to understand Chizuru’s feelings. She left her ill Grandma to go there.

In response to the comment above >>>>> I don’t like Ruka that much, but this is spot on. This chapter makes it look like Kazuya has changed, but it’s way too late for this. He always thinks about himself first and foremost so nothing will be solved at this rate.

>>> The way Chizuru talks to Ruka is like she’s acting and not like a friend who cares for her. What an awful female protagonist.

In response to the comment above >>>>> I mean they aren’t friends. They’re just co-workers.

>>> This time Kazuya actually seemed like a normal guy.

>>> What about the setting that Grandma has a weak heart? If she’s energetic, then I guess it’s fully healed?

>>> It’s impressive that there isn’t one normal charcater. Although with malicious intentions, Mami is causing no problems compared to the others.

>>> Kazuya is giving false hope to Ruka, so if he really thinks she’s trouble then he needs to reject her properly.

In response to the comment above >>>>> His bottom part is reacting to Ruka’s approach, so he can’t reject her.

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