[Japan Reacts] Go-Toubun no Hanayome 85

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  • I love all 5 of them and if possible, I’m still hoping for the Harem route.
  • in response to the comment above >>> For now, I want a normal ending and then later get “if” story line.
  • I wonder since when Yotsuba has become so dedicated towards others. She has been supportive towards Fuutarou since the beginning, so I guess it was before that. Probably when her mother passed away, when she met Fuutarou in Kyoto, or when they transferred school.
  • Ichika and Miku are the victims of the plot. I’m not sure what Negi tried to write in this school trip arc, but I really don’t like how both of them are being used as pawns for a certain purpose.
  • I’m not really a Miku advocate and in fact I kinda dislike her, but she should’ve been a part of the moment when the sisters reconciled.
  • It’s not really clear why Yotsuba has been so supportive of Fuutarou, but she’s illustrated just as a good person. But if it turns out that the girl in Kyoto was her, then all the impression I had of Yotsuba since the beginning would change drastically. If Negi did that intentionally then he’s seriously impressive.
  • Itsuki is hard to understand.
  • It would have been super fun if Ichika was the girl from the photo. Now I hope it’s Yotsuba.
  • This manga doesn’t have any genuinely evil or unethical people, so I’ve no stress when I read. Everyone are generally good people.
  • in response to the comment above >>> The only scum in the story is Takeda’s father.
  • Harem type manga usually have 1 or 2 characters that are really liked, but in this manga all five of them are loved.
  • Ichika playing cards with Fuutarou is lacking impact.
  • Fuutarou has been like a robot lately so it’s hard to read what he’s thinking.
  • Why did she cry just because Miku confessed to him? Don’t tell me that inside Negi sensei’s head Fuutarou said yes.
  • Ichika still hasn’t seriously confessed to him, so I’m keeping my hopes up.
  • Isn’t the reason why Ichika cried because she regret her actions? If she had faced Fuutarou directly, then she could have confessed to him like Miku. And because she didn’t do that, Fuutarou didn’t trust that they have met in the past. And Nino cried because she felt that she could’ve ended up like her.
  • Now he has to help Nino, Miku, and Yotsuba find their dreams and help Itsuki to get into college. He only has one year of high school left, but that’s lots of labor. He also needs to work for his future. Fuutarou is really a saint.
  • Stop thinking too deeply about this story and put pressure on the author lol

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