[Japan Reacts] Go-Toubun no Hanayome 84

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  • My theory why Ichika said her stomach hurts was because she put some laxative poisoning in the bread and she had test it out herself first.
  • Seems like Fuutarou doesn’t even give her a chance. Too bad for Miku. I guess she could in the bakery Nino opens up in the future
  • Ichika now has the role of assisting others? Feel bad for her.

>>> in response to the comment above: Well…the moment Ichika has turned dark she was kinda done at that moment…Turning to a character assisting others isn’t really improving her image.

  • I thought there would be more people supporting Miku, so this surprises me a bit. But the fight between Miku supporters and not is gonna be hillarious.
  • I hope Ichika is still dark, and did indeed put some laxative poisoning in the bread.
  • Isn’t it also possible that Ichika is certain that Miku isn’t Rena, so she knew that she would get dumped and wanted her to get out of the race now?
  • Yotsuba and Itsuki still haven’t given their all so they still have a chance to catch up.
  • If Ichika got released from her dark state, and becomes a supporting character for Miku just to atone her sin, then this would be dissapointing.
  • Miku losing now would make me feel bad for Ichika who sacrificed herself.
  • Itsuki will be fine because she will still have lots of relevance from this point on, but I can’t predict anything about Yotsuba.
  • The fact that this manga is fixated on the number 5; Itsuki will be the bride. I mean even their dream of becoming a teacher is the same.
  • If all 5 had to join the race, then they need to do their confession quickly. I mean assuming the manga end in volume 15, then it would be an unnatural ending if they don’t act quickly. Maybe the plan was for only Ichika, Nino, and Miku to fall in love, but then they added Yotsuba and Itsuki as well?

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