[Japan Reacts] Go-Toubun no Hanayome 83

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>>> Ichika: including everything that happened in Kyoto, she lost all trust. Nino: Although she was so determined, it seems like her shots aren’t hitting. Miku: Running away as usual. Yotsuba: Doesn’t quite get involved with the main line. Itsuki: She’s clearly plotting something. If this ends up with Miku confessing, then I would feel like what did I even expect before this arc…

>>> Will Ichika still manage to become the bride at the end?

>>> If even if backed for Miku, I don’t think she can win back the lost trust. 

>>> Ichika knows what she did was wrong, but I wonder if she actually got upset that Miku apologized to her.

in response to the comment above>>>> Or after Yotsuba and Nino got mad at her and Miku apologized to her, she maybe came back to her senses and thought ‘what am I doing to my young sisters?’

>>> Although Itsuki was so determined to make him remember about the past and prepared for it, she hasn’t achieved anything yet. 

in response to the comment above>>>> But Fuutarou did remember about the past. 

>>> Although Fuutarou saw through her disguise, Ichika may be happy that he recognized her. 

>>> For Itsuki chan, romance is a bit too early for her. 

>>> It’s pretty that you can’t enjoy a school trip in a romcom. I thought it would be more cheerful. 

>>> Everyone is saying that Miku isn’t growing but all this is meant for Miku to grow as a character. The slander here is lazy. 

Will have a more detailed version later.

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