[Japan Reacts] Go-Toubun no Hanayome 100

[Japan Reacts] Go-Toubun no Hanayome 100 was translated by BakaData.com

  • Yotsuba is turning crazy. I like it.
  • Looking at the way Nino and Yotsuba are getting very emotional, if Fuutaro does give a serious answer and the two get rejected, then they won’t recover from that.
  • Yotsuba supporters are getting quite optimistic about their chances.
  • I don’t care who wins. Just present an answer asap. This is tiring.
  • I got the feeling last chapter that Itsuki will finally make her move but this chapter destroyed my hopes.
  • If Fuutaro doesn’t bring an answer, he should quite his role as the main character. 
  • I think Itsuki will realize her feelings after Fuutaro falls in love with someone else.
  • I really don’t know what Negi even wants to do with Itsuki.
  • Would be funny if he chooses someone else than the sisters.
  • I would feel sorry for Miku and Nino who are expecting an answer, and then don’t get one.
  • Itsuki’s reactions are also hard to understand. What’s even her purpose in this story.
  • Yotsuba acts like the good girl, saying that she will support whatever decision Fuutaro makes, but if she gets rejected, then I could see turning crazy.
  • This manga surpasses Nisekoi…in a bad sense.
  • People are assuming that Fuutaro will go an an exchange, but don’t forget he will go to a country where polygamy is allowed.
  • I don’t get the feeling that Fuutaro will just choose one person. 

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