[Japan Reacts] Domestic na Kanojo 243

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  • Everyone thought Rui would end up with Kajita if Natsuo gets back with Hina, but it was Ben all along!
  • Shuu acted as everyone had assumed. If Hina seriously went to the US to confront Rui then she’s surely going to lose in the end.
  • Basically what Shuu has revealed to Natsuo are the things that Rui hid from him as well. Now she lost her chance to come clean.
  • in response to the comment above: Yeah, this makes Rui look like a bad person.
  • Looking more and more likely that Hina will lose. 
  • If Hina confronts Rui and reveals her feelings, I wonder if Rui will back off and stay in the US.
  • Who was this guy Ben again? lol
  • Hina will probably say something like, “I like Natsuo and not just as his sister, that’s why I won’t lose to you.”
  • I could see Natsuo also going to the US in the end.
  • Maybe there won’t be any romance battle in Japan but it will be in the US instead. If Rui is the end girl, Natsuo could go to the US after returning as a novelist.
  • Hina will face Rui and Natsuo will face Kajita in the US.
  • Was there ever a female character that won after openly confronting her rival? Rui is destined to win at this point.
  • I personally think that Rui will back off after thinking about it. I feel like she’s calmed down and is a lot more mature than before.
  • Rui has to back off considering she feels guilty about what she did.
  • I hope bullying is really just the worst scenario and something worse won’t happen to her. That guy looks like a pervert.
  • The way Shuu talked, it now seems like Natsuo has an obligation to make Hina happy.
  • in response to the comment above: Yeah, I agree. He pushed a responsibility on Natsuo with that.

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