[Japan Reacts] Domestic na Kanojo 241

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  • We already know that Hina likes Natsuo. No need to have a chapter showing that. Move on and show how Natsuo feels about her.
  • Their mom is probably suspecting something is going on but just doesn’t want to get involved anymore.
  • When siblings in law are living together in a tiny apartment and then go together on a cruise…you would suspect that they’re dating.
  • in response to the comment above: To make it worse, those two even used to date. It probably won’t be that big of a deal if they end up dating again and their parents find out about it. The bigger problem is how Rui would react to it. 
  • Hina just realized it? She should’ve known her feelings when she helped Natsuo with his tie. 
  • Do we know how she invited Natsuo to the summer festival?
  • Rui will still win at the end…
  • I’ve got a bad feeling about this.
  • Hina should quite a lot older than Natsuo but she acts like a teenager…I could understand if she just regularly visited him to make sure he isn’t in any trouble but choosing to live with him was so bizarre. Hina lost all the appeal she used to have. 
  • If Hina gets rejected, she would be so miserable.
  • Hina who’s close to being 30 years old gets groped by a kid and hit on by punks.
  • I wonder when Hina will realize that she’s using the “I’m worried about you” as a tool to stay close with him.
  • Saying that she can’t stop loving him really gives me the feeling that there’s zero chance she will back off.
  • in response to the comment above: This. I think Rui will be the one to back off and not Hina. 
  • If Hina backs off then it will be when she realizes that she can’t be the one to make him happy. I think she’s quite obsessed for Natsuo’s happiness. 
  • If Hina confesses to Natsuo on the ship then she will lose 100%. I think the story is developing way too quickly and looks quite lazy.
  • Considering Hina backing off won’t happen now, I could see the ending to become quite ugly.
  • Rui looks like the mature one. Who’s the older sister again?
  • If she now loses to her young sister, then it will be quite ugly so I guess Hina will be the winner after all. 
  • Rui was aware of the issues she had in her relationship with Natsuo so she was quite reactive about what the master told her. But Hina still doesn’t understand the problems she has and that’s why she completely ignored what the master told her.

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