[Japan Reacts] Domestic na Kanojo 239

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  • There’s a chance that Kajita doesn’t want to get an answer just yet. That being said, it’s clear to me that Kajita and Rui are a much better fit. Rui may have had her reasons but I still think rejecting Natsuo during his lowest point was just too much. He may be too obsessive but even then, I think Hina fits better to him.
  • in response to the comment above: in terms of fit, Natsuo’s tendencies to lie and Rui’s tendencies to get jealous are probably the worst. But it’s also not difficult to illustrate how both of them have matured and don’t have that problem anymore. 
  • With Domestic Girlfriend, I don’t think fit really matters in any way. 
  • It’s important to note that Rui isn’t interested in Kajita the slightest.
  • Although Rui and Kajita collaborated for the competition, she’s thinking about Natsuo. Kajita stands no chance. Even Natsuo gave Miyabi a better chance than Rui does to Kajita. 
  • Unlike Rui, Hina doesn’t say any harsh things to him, so I guess it’s more comfortable being with her.
  • Was it actually the first chapter where Natsuo had zero relevance?
  • It was actually hilarious how little interest Rui shows to Kajita. She even gets motivated by looking at Natsuo’s photo. Feelings sorry for Kajita.
  • Rui will reject Kajita. She then will give up Natsuo for Hina. Then Rui and Kajita will get together at the end. That’s still possible so don’t give up.
  • Predicting Rui’s next moves aren’t too hard but I’ve got no idea what Hina will do.
  • It’s true that Natsuo wasn’t getting obsessive so breaking up with him was the right decision. But them getting back together would be so cliche.
  • I will turn crazy if Natsuo and Rui get back together.
  • Kajita will say that he wants to hear the answer later and then returns to Japan and confronts Natsuo. 
  • Everything feels way too rushed.

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