[Japan Reacts] Domestic na Kanojo 237

[Japan Reacts] Domestic na Kanojo 237 was translated by BakaData.com

  • Rui’s got a watch, necklace, and a hairpin. Hina’s got a ring and a necktie. The author can only initiate a plot by using gifts.
  • Will this be the first conversation Rui and Natsuo have since they broke up? I could see them joking around. I wonder what they will talk about.
  • Looks like Hina will be used as a plot device for Rui.
  • What is Rui thinking by giving him a call like that? She’s the one who dumped him.
  • So Natsuo is already looking at Hina with romantic interests. Rui probably called him because it’s his birthday. Then she will find out that he’s spending time together with Hina and…
  • Rui: “Just telling you I’m dating Kajita now”
  • So we’re really entering the final arc lol
  • Will Rui seriously try to get back together although they just broke up?
  • There’s no relationship or marriage that doesn’t involve burdening the other, so using burden as a reason to break up when the other is going through his lowest point it is just running away from problems and should never be the one Natsuo marries.
  • in response to the comment above: I agree. Natsuo at least didn’t run away from her when Rui faced problems in her life.
  • Couldn’t it be just that Rui’s friend is calling him because she collapsed or got into an accident? I don’t think even Rui has that thick of a skin…
  • I feel like Rui will be the end girl and the sense that Hina will be used as a plot device for that is getting strong.
  • What’s messy about the relationship of the three is that they will always remain siblings even after their break up.

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