[Japan Reacts] Domestic na Kanojo 234

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Disclaimer: Please do not take these comments too seriously. Not every Japanese reader has the same opinion as translated below. It’s just an example of some discussions, and they are meant to serve some insight to the views people have.

  • Considering all the previous characters were forgotten after they played their role, Serizawa is getting a preferential treatment.
  • She kissed him again lol The first kiss didn’t do anything for her so what did she think the second kiss would do for her…
  • It’s scary how all characters in this manga can’t seem to control their emotions.
  • It could be that Natsuo and Serizawa do become a couple and Hina sees that gets fired up and takes action.
  • I actually think Miyabi is way too good for Natsuo. Although, Rui was also way too good for Natsuo lol
  • I wonder why Hina didn’t get arrested. If a male teacher did what Hina did, he would definitely be arrested. She didn’t even get her license taken away.
  • I thought that Rui should end up with Natsuo but the fact that she ditched him during his toughest time, was hard to see. Assuming most readers are men, I don’t think anyone wanted to see that. Hope he marries Hina at the end.
  • Hina gets provoked by Miyabi’s actions and then tries to seduce Natsuo and he welcomes that and at that moment, Rui will probably come back. Although, it would be funny if he ends up with Miyabi.
  • Will it really finish within the year? I don’t get that sense at all…
  • in response to the comment above: There isn’t much left to do so it will easily end within the year. Miyabi’s time will finish soon and we focus on Hina and then Rui comes back, and we enter the final arc.
  • It’s interesting how much of a preferential treatment she gets. If we didn’t see that future scene, then I would easily think that she’s the heroine of this manga.
  • I find it scary that Serizawa knows that she’s the reason why Rui and Natsuo got into a fight and yet she doesn’t even care about that. She acts like she cares about Natsuo but it’s all about herself.
  • I’m on team Hina but I expected that Miyabi’s turn would eventually come. In fact, if the the focus wasn’t on Miyabi, I think the Hina ending would become unlikely so things are looking good.
  • Miyabi’s fundamental character is exactly like the two sisters, considering how self centred she is.
  • Miyabi is pretty cute. Natsuo also seems like he doesn’t reject her and they are a fitting couple. I don’t think he’s a good match with Hina, and his personality doesn’t match with Rui’s either. I think the loyal Miyabi is the best person for Natsuo. But he will return becoming a novelist so that won’t happen. But I can see Miyabi becoming a successful actress and taking care of Natsuo the most. And an actress and a novels also sounds like a perfect match.
  • Considering he will return being a novelist, the end girl must be Hina. I mean she’s the one keeping his manuscript.
  • Miyabi does make a serious effort to face Natsuo sincerely. Rui didn’t do it and Hina also betrayed him once. Miyabi makes things complicating but she’s the only one who’s pure out of the 3.
  • I prefer Rui as his older sister than as someone with romantic interest.
  • Since when is Miyabi so popular here lol Oh well she does look like the heroine right now.

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