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Domestic na Kanojo Chapter 233 Spoiler

  • I wonder how the manuscript paper will be used from now on. Will it serve a similar purpose like the necklace?
  • I don’t think Natsuo will get back together with Hina. The reaction will just be, “This again?”.
  • in response to the comment above: I mean most are already saying, “This again?”
  • I can’t understand Hina’s psychology to be concerned about a college student and then to live with him because of that. The only thing it does is to help protect Natsuo from other girls. The story has been a mess since Natsuo and Rui broke up.
  • There’s probably some plot purpose behind all this but the author isn’t allowed to develop that plot and is forced to condense everything.
  • Because he got dumped brutally, I was hoping that Natsuo would hate girls more.
  • It’s quite rare how a protagonist gets so little sympathy from both male and female.
  • Both clearly love Natsuo, but Rui’s selfish and Hina offers unconditional love. I don’t think a convenient girl like Hina exists in the real world.
  • in response to the comment above: I would call it being pushy and not unconditional love. It’s fine because she’s pretty but imagine if not.
  • I feel like Hina’s kindness is what’s rescuing Natsuo from his problems. Hina truly loves Natsuo and no one can compete with that love.
  • It’s been pretty boring. Rui is just selfish and Hina just does whatever Natsuo wants. All characters are just dull.
  • What do you think? It may be over the top but the one supporting Natsuo right now is Hina. So once Rui comes back and they get back together, that would be a bit too cruel, or not?
  • I always thought Rui would be the end girl, but this week’s chapter makes me feel like it will be Hina.
  • Keeping the manuscript paper and wishing the best for Natsuo alone sounds pointless.
  • There’s lots of focus on Hina right now so it makes most think Hina will be the end girl but once Rui returns; the majority will think Rui is the end girl.
  • The last chapter will cause a lots of drama here.
  • in response to the comment above: the last 3-4 chapters more likely.

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