[Japan Reacts] Domestic na Kanojo 231

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  • Natsuo has lost his mother at the age of 8, so he hasn’t received a mother’s love as much as normal people. That’s why he’s attracted to someone like Hina.
  • Why has Miyabi still not realized that Hina is Natsuo’s ex girlfriend? Or has she realized it and still acts like the way she does right now? It’s weird.
  • in response to the comment above: Miyabi has heard from Natsuo himself that he used to have a relation with his sister. And she showed contempt for that.
  • It’s really abnormal how Hina at her age prioritizes Natsuo over other things. I think it would be for the best once Natsuo fulfills his dream that she will leave him.
  • If Natsuo and Hina get back together now, then I think Rui will end up winning. So, for Natsuo and Hina to end up at the end, it would need to happen right before the final chapter.
  • We know that he’s a novelist in the future so this drama is boring.
  • I don’t hate Kajita, and the way he’s treated makes me feel sorry for him.
  • If Natsuo hasn’t grown as a man until Rui comes back, then their reunion will be meaningless.
  • I didn’t expect that their parents were actually worried that Natsuo and Hina would date again.
  • When their parents showed concerns for them to date again, Hina tried to calm them down by saying that she won’t lay hands on him. Didn’t they say last time that they should’ve supported their relationship?
  • If it’s indeed a Hina ending, then the necklace was pointless.
  • You really never know how people change. Giving up his dream to become a novelist and pursuing a new path to become an actor requires a strong resolve. Getting rid of his writing materials may be a sign of his intention to move on from his past. I wonder how Rui would feel about this?
  • in response to the comment above: Isn’t she gonna think that he’s avoiding his problems and running away again?

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