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  • Rui was an attractive character because she’s usually shy but would open up her heart to Natsuo. Now she’s just an ordinary woman. It feels like her world got bigger and she thinks that Natsuo may not be the one. She looks happier with Kajita.
  • Hina is easily winning! Rui is a woman who always does what she wants, but Hina has always been someone who thinks about Natsuo. 
  • The parents are nuts. Even if Hina is his sister, they used to have romantic feelings for each other. They’re male and female, of course something will happen. 
  • The wife of an author needs to be someone who is suited to take care of others. Just because you’re the wife of an author, it doesn’t mean you have to read their books. But it’s necessary that they care of the cleaning and cooking, so someone who’s busy can’t do it. So someone like Hina who loves to take care of people is the ideal person. There was the page where the future wife came back shopping with their children, so I thought a chef like Rui can’t be the one. 
  • in response to the comment above >>> Shouldn’t Hina be busier working at a hotel? She shoudln’t have time to take care of Natsuo. Don’t tell me she’s working there part time. 
  • She says that she got permission from their parents, but it sounded more like she threatened them almost. Also how many times are we going to get this “Let’s talk to each other” thing? Déjà vu? 
  • The most peaceful way to end this story is for Natsuo not to end up with Hina or Rui. There will be a time jump where there’s a silhouette of his future wife and Natsuo reminiscing his past. If not, then this will destroy his whole family.
  • This is just a lazy way to make Natsuo and Hina get closer.
  • As a female, there’s no way that you end up in a state like Hina. Also, even though Natsuo is her bother, he’s still his step brother, so you would normally wear a bra. It’s so obvious what Hina is trying to do and that’s probably why she isn’t liked by the female audience. 
  • If there isn’t gonna be a direct confrontation between the sisters, was it even necessary that the two had to be sisters? 
  • Even if a confrontation between the two sisters happen, it’s probably gonna be the case that one of them will just step back. So I wouldn’t expect much. 

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