[Japan Reacts] Domestic na Kanojo 229

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  • Hina has become a really weird character. Even the ones that like her, if she had been the current Hina at the beginning , then they would have hardly become fans.
  • When Rui heard why Kajita punched that guy, she started to talk about discrimination and not about him…
  • Am I the only who’s on team Hina…I would be OK if Rui gets back with Natsuo after she dates Kajita first. Also, I think the current Natsuo would be able to deal with Hina. Most have forgotten about it but the reason why Natsuo and Rui started dating was because he got rejected by Hina.
  • There’re numerous possible endings, but I personally prefer the Rui ending. If she dates Kajtia, then I can’t ignore this NTR feeling…
  • in response to the comment above >>> They broke up so it wouldn’t be a NTR, but as a guy, I understand what you’re saying.
  • Seems like Rui and Kajita will move on as great rivals. Hina looks like she’s obsessed with Natsuo, but maybe the author is doing that intentionally.
  • We still don’t know how Natsuo feels about breaking up with Rui or what he thinks about Rui right now. Looks like he took of the necklace though.
  • He just got dragged into a crime. She’s worried about him and that’s why she wants to live there.
  • in response to the comment above >>> Why not live at their parent’s house then? I’m surprised that their parents are OK with this lol
  • Natsuo and Hina will probably get really close and then Rui comes back. Either Rui or Hina will back off and Natsuo will go after the one who takes a back seat.
  • Isn’t Kajita getting further away from being a romantic interest for Rui? lol
  • The plan is probably to forcefully make Natsuo and Hina get closer.
  • For now, he’s friendzoned.
  • Kajita’s purpose has now been served, so give up everyone. If he has more to do, then it will be for the ending to wrap the story up.
  • I wonder what Hina told her parents when she left the house.

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