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Before they start talking, Yuzu and Madoka order drinks and something to eat, saying it looks delicious. Koharu isn’t sure why they’re here and asks them the reason why the came to this place. Yuzu answers, “Isn’t that obvious? We came here to eat meat.”

Koharu gets a bit irritated and says that she’s trying to start a new life, and Yuzu argues back, “You don’t know how tough it was for me and Madoka after that…”

A different customer wants to make an order so Koharu goes to take the order. Madoka seeing her like that, says that Koharu lost some weight and wonders if she’s eating properly.

Once Koharu gets back to them, Yuzu explains that her father is still focused on the Hare Kon system and is flying all over the country. Koharu asks how Rin is doing.

Yuzu: “Ahh by the way, I told him that you’re currently working on a tuna boat.”

Koharu: “He think I left the house to earn money?!”

Koharu: “Why?!!”

Yuzu: “What else could we have told him~I can’t explain to him that you got divorced!“

Koharu: “But still…”

Yuzu: “Every time he looks at the ocean, he says, “I wonder if Koharu chan is alright…”

Koharu: “Poor him…”

Yuzu: “Exactly! If you have issues with that, then you tell him yourself!”

Madoka then tells Koharu that Ryuu has finally regained his energy recently. Yuzu suggests to Koharu to return but Koharu answers that the Hare Kon system will soon be completely abolished so she has nothing to do with the Date household.

Yuzu and Madoka ask her what exactly will change after the Hare Kon system gets abolished. It’s just that a piece of paper outlining the contract will be gone. Both add that they can do it if they want to.

It makes Koharu think and as she moves away from the table she gets dizzy and hits her head against the wall. Yuzu asks if Koharu is pregnant and she answers no. Yuzu asks if she’s sure and if her has her period. And Koharu realizes that it’s been a while.

[Drug Store]

Koharu buys a pregnancy test and says, “W…what should I do if I’m really pregnant…”

Yuzu: “Isn’t that up to you?”

Looking at how worried Koharu looks, Yuzu tells her that if she ever needs help, she can rely on her, and that’s what she wanted to tell Koharu today.

Madoka says that if Koharu will have Ryuu’s baby, it would be tough for her, but then adds with a smile that she would also celebrate it. After hearing that, Koharu almost cries.

[Koharu’s home]

Yuzu and Madoka can’t believe how empty the room is. While Koharu is doing the pregnancy test, Madoka finds dandelion leaves, “Yuzu, look at this. Dandelion leaves.” Yuzu can’t believe it and Koharu comes out of the washroom, holding her pregnancy test in disbelief.

[Date Household]

All 3 get home and Rin jumps into Koharu, “Koharu chan!!!!” and asks, “Were you able to fish tuna?” Koharu then hands tuna to him and he’s excited.

Ryuu also comes and his hair is shorter than before.

Koharu: “Ah, your hair…”. She wants Ryuu to take a look at something. She shows him the x ray photo of her pregnancy. “I went to the hospital in the morning and they told me I’m pregnant.”

Ryuu looks surprised. Koharu explains that she thought about it carefully and talked to Yuzu and Madoka. She has tears in her eyes and says that she wanted to tell Ryuu about it and that’s she came back.

Ryuu hugs her and says, “Welcome back.” He says that he wants to raise the baby together and then Madoka announces that she will return as well, “I thought that the role of second wife is perfect for me.” Ryuu and Koharu look surprised and then they all laugh.

Some time has passed and Koharu has big tummy now and the Date family is enjoying their time at the beach.


Editor’s note: “Thank you so much for reading Hare Kon for about 5 years. Please look forward to NON Sensei’s next work.”

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