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Yuzu: “Ahh by the way, I told him that you’re currently working on a tuna boat.”

Koharu: “He think I left the house to earn money?!”

Koharu: “Why?!!”

Yuzu: “What else could we have told him~I can’t explain to him that you got divorced!“

Koharu: “But still…”

Yuzu: “Every time he looks at the ocean, he says, “I wonder if Koharu chan is alright…”

Koharu: “Poor him…”

Yuzu: “Exactly! If you have issues with that, then you tell him yourself!”

Madoka: “Ryuunosuke san.”

Koharu is indeed pregnant. She returns home. They all make up. And chapter finishes with the Date family at the beach and Koharu is pregnant. 

Important: this is just the spoiler and the full summary will be uploaded tomorrow. Till then.

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