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The news are reporting that the Hare Don system has been abolished. On the train, people are discussing, “Hare Kon has finished?” “It was still going on?”. Meanwhile, Koharu hears it for the first time and is left speechless.

Koharu’s new life:

It’s been 2 months since Koharu has left the Date household, and she’s currently working part time at a Yakiniku restaurant. She’s asked if she needs an expired sausage and she gladly takes it and goes back home in a good mood. 

Koharu: “The lady is nice and the staff’s meal is delicious. The grilling smell sticks on the clothes though. I’m glad I found a great job.”

Koharu is currently working on multiple jobs at the moment and she lives in Tokyo. She lives in a cheap room with no furniture. While she’s living a poor life, she’s always smiling. In order to pay back the debt, she’s saving 500 yen everyday. Ryuu told her that he doesn’t need it but Koharu insists on paying it back. 

Koharu is using her smartphone and looks back at the pictures during the Hare Con era. Looking at Ryuu and Yuzu, she wonders what will happen with everyone after the Hare Son system got abolished. 

Koharu reunites with Urara:

The next day she checks the post and sees the invoice for her phone service and realizes that it costs a lot of money to live. As she was about to get back to her room, Urara appears. As the room is so bad that she can’t let others in, they decide to go to a cafe. Apparently, Urara came back from meeting a man she got to know from a marriage hunt website. He’s a great person but Urara doesn’t know how she should interact with him.

Koharu tells her that she doesn’t need to forcefully get into a romantic relation and doesn’t need to feel rushed to marry someone. Urara had thought that she will fall in love naturally and then get married but realizes that reality isn’t so easy. Koharu doesn’t think that marriage is everything. Urara asks Koharu if she’s glad that she got married and that question makes Koharu think. 

Koharu is at her work and doesn’t feel too well but she doesn’t have the money to buy medicine.. Yuzu and Madoka come into the Yakiniku restaurant. Yuzu: “Hey it’s been a while. Are you working hard?”

Koharu: “Huh? What? Why?!”

Next chapter will be the final chapter.

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