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Koharu: “Please…let me go.”

Ryuu still won’t let her go, so Koharu threatens him that she will post about it on social media and sue him for sexual assault. He ignores the threat and tries to forcefully kiss her.

Koharu: “Hey…if you don’t cut it off…then I will break your nose…!” Ryuu still ignores her and kisses her. As announced, Koharu elbows Ryuu’s nose and he starts to bleed. Ryuu: “It hurts”. She rushes to get tissues and gives them to him.

Ryuu: “It hurts…I won’t forgive you. You will never be able to run away. No matter where you go. No matter how much you wish to forget about it. You will never forget me….!” And at that moment, Ryuu gets his asthma attack, and seeing how much he suffers, Koharu tries to get Yuzu’s help, but then Ryuu holds her and tells Koharu that it will calm down and asks her to stay with him.

As she looks at Ryuu’s face, he’s crying. Koharu lets Ryuu rest on her knees and as he calms down a bit; Koharu starts to talk. She says that she finally understands Ryuu. He’s a child who’s always lonely and wants attention. he’s still the same boy from 17 years ago. As Koharu finally realizes that, Ryuu looks up at Koharu, his eyes looking the ones of a kid. Ryuu: “That’s right. You’ve finally realized it…it makes me happy…”

Koharu: “That’s why you’re no good. You’re dumb…don’t you know that we’re already adults? You’re already a 30 years old. And you have people that you must protect no matter what, right?” Ryuu says that he wanted to protect Koharu.

Koharu cries, “Idiot. Both my body and spirit is stronger than yours…thank you,” and then kisses Ryuu. “Take care of Yuzu and Rin…make both of them happy.” As Yuzu is right next door, she hears what Koharu is saying and tears up. Koharu: “Also, please rescue Madoka.”

As his asthma calmed down, Ryuu hugs Koharu. They embrace each other one last time. Koharu with tears, “You won’t forget about me…?” Ryuu: “Not sure…if you leave then I may already forget you tomorrow…I won’t even remember you for a day.”

In the next morning, Ryuu is asleep and Koharu leaves the house. “Bye Ryuu, bye Date household.”

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