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Koharu and Yuzu are beside Rin, who’s sleeping.

Koharu: “I must have surprised you. But Rin was really cool. I got emotional.”

Yuzu says that it’s weird that Koharu leaves, and that she’s the one to stay here and says that if Koharu really leaves then she will leave as well. Koharu answers that she wants Yuzu stay here and protect Rin. Yuzu gets emotional and says with her dialect, “Pretty selfish of you to say that!!” Last time Yuzu tried to leave, Koharu stopped her and they promised that both of them would become mothers. She asks if Koharu forgot about that promise. Yuzu gets heated and says that Koharu and Madoka are always about themselves for saying things like “I’m not needed” or “Ryuu cannot be trusted”. Yuzu: “Once you get married, you have a responsibility! I won’t let you get divorced!” She closes her eyes and leaves the room after throwing her feelings at Koharu.

Koharu looks at Rin’s innocent sleeping face and looks like about to cry. She goes to her room and opens up her suitcase and starts to pack her stuff. She finds the picture when her father got sick and she tried to cheer him up by going fishing.

Koharu: “Responsibility huh…You’re right…I agree it’s irresponsible…”

Ryuu is right behind Koharu and he recalls all the moments he shared with her. 

Ryuu: “If I say that I will only love you, will you then stay here?”

Koharu: “No. That’s not like you Ryuu. No matter what, you need to keep being yourself. Taking care of everyone equally. I mean that’s the good thing about you…I’m sorry. I actually love you so much and I can’t endure it. My head is always occupied thinking about you. But it hurts…I can’t. If you don’t get away now then I…Please…let me go…”


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