Hare Kon 183 Summary

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Rin is confused as Koharu suddenly cries. They go inside the house and Koharu tugs in her blanket and Rin looks at her worried. Yuzu tells Rin to take a bathe with Ryuu before dinner. They finish dinner and Ryuu drinks coffee while relaxing. At the kitchen, Yuzu and Koharu are talking to each other. Yuzu realizes that Koharu took off her ring. Yuzu: “What happened with your ring? Why did you take it off?” Koharu doesn’t answer. 

They move to the living room and Koharu gives the ring along with the divorce material to Ryuu and Yuzu. She bows down and says, “I realize that this is selfish of me. I will make sure to repay the debts that you paid for us. So…please accept this.”

Yuzu: “What? What’re you on suddenly…This doesn’t make me laugh. You’re kidding right?”

Ryuu: “You were not able to forgive me because of what happened with Madoka?”

Koharu says that this was merely the trigger and the bigger issue is that she believes that the Hare Kon just doesn’t suit her. Ryuu answers that if it didn’t suit her, she has still given her best till now. She came into terms with that and gave her best to create a home for herself and even passionately brought Yuzu back and thanks to that, Rin is now here. “Just because it doesn’t suit you, you will just throw everything away?” Koharu just apologizes. Ryuu: “This is irresponsible…I can’t comprehend it.”

Koharu raises her head but avoids eye contact. She says that she doesn’t desire to be understood. She’s just begging her wish to be fulfilled. She says she will continue to ask till it gets signed. Ryuu gets his face close to Koharu’s and says that as long as he can’t understand it he also can’t accept it. He asks for the real reason. Koharu says that it doesn’t help the Date Family if she were to stay here. More than before, Ryuu can’t understand the reason. Ryuu grabs Koharu’s hair and says, “This is a lie. You just lost interest in me. It was all a lie that you would always be on my side and that you would support me. Why don’t you just say it? That you don’t love anymore! That you hate me! Say it!” Yuzu gets in between them but Koharu is getting heated as well and says while crying, “Don’t love…I don’t love you anymore! Why don’t just realize it! I hate you!” But then Rin uses his Katana toy and hits Ryuu: “Don’t! You can’t make girls cry! Papa is a bad guy!” Both Koharu and Ryuu stare at Rin. Rin’s innocent words resonate with them.


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