Hare Kon 182 Summary

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Koharu is with her mother and she is asked that she hans’t told that to Ryuu and Yuzu yet. Koharu answers that she will do that today.

Koharu: “If I don’t do that then he won’t understand that I’m serious.”

Koharu says that a Hare Son was impossible for her and that she doesn’t want to cause trouble to the others and that’s why she wants to end it. Her mother answers that it would be more trouble to her if Koharu returns. Koharu says that she will find her own room.

Koharu’s mother: “I will take care of the debts that Ryuu kun paid for us. It wasn’t something that you should’ve burdened anyway. So don’t worry and do what you want. Make sure to talk to them. You are still a family.”

Flashback turns back to Koharu and Madoka’s conversation. Koharu explains that the public has a seriously bad image about Hare Kon. And she also has the right to pursue her own happiness. Madoka says that Koharu is just running away.

Koharu: “I don’t want to be conflicted about something that can’t be changed…my feelings are getting dirtier…”

She doesn’t like the way she is and that’s why she will run away and break up with Ryuu. Madoka says that it isn’t bad and that she wasn’t able to endure it either. That’s why she wanted to cause suffering to Ryuu. 

Koharu heads home with her bike and thinks that she will make him regret everything and make him cry like with Madoka, make him fail at his work etc. While having teary eyes, she says that she will find a cure room and hang out with her friends and live freely. She won’t need to suffer anymore and that this will be the end. Once she gets home, she sees Rin. She bursts out tears.


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