Hare Kon 181 Summary

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Chapter starts with Koharu talking to Yuzu and tells her that she’s with Madoka right now. 

Madoka tells Koharu that she has nothing to tell her, but Koharu answers that she has something to talk about. “After seeing you just like that, I wanted to talk about it.”

Koharu says that Madoka was spot on when she said that Koharu has no reason to stay at the Data family. She adds that she started to think like that especially since Rin was born. She now understands how Madoka felt at that time. 

Koharu: “I will ask this again, but you really don’t plan on returning? Both Ryuu and Yuzu are seriously waiting for you to return. I…I also sometimes think that it would be cool if we could return like before.”

Madoka cries and says that she won’t return and that she won’t get near Ryuu again. But turns out she was just trolling. She says that she can’t leave him so easily because of her job. Koharu says that she doesn’t need to and asks her to support him. 

Koharu: “You know Ryuu…said that he seriously loves you. As much as loves me and Yuzu…he looked straight into my eyes and said that.”

Koharu says that he’s the worst, but that’s also what she likes about him. They talk about his inner qualities and they both agree on what’s so good about him. 

Madoka: “But, I didn’t think I would be able to talk to you like this.”

Koharu: “I also plan to get divorced.”

Madoka: “What?”

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