Hare Kon 180 Summary

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Madoka stares at Yuzu and thinks: (I will let you know…Who the real father of this kid is and how cruel the things you’re ding is. I will destroy the Date family…)

Inside shop, Rin has eyed a toy made out of wood and has sprinkling eyes, making clear how much he wants it, and Ryuu is tempted to get it for him. But Yuzu stops them. He already has many plane toys and he always get new ones but never takes care of them. Rin says that he will treasure it this time, but Yuzu stays stubborn and says that his grandfather even got a new toy for him last time. Rin returns the plane toy to the shelf.  Madoka is staring at all that. She’s after the juice that Rin is drinking. She intends to do the DNA testing with it. Madoka gets near to Rin and Rin is distracted by another plane toy and has left the juice on the floor. Yuzu and Ryuu are looking for their gifts to buy. As Madoka is stretching her hands towards Rin’s juice, Rin screams, “Mama!” and grabs Madoka’s hands firmly. He continues, “Look! Zerosen is here!! Zerosen is the strongest! Grandpa said that!” He then carefully stares at Madoka’s face, and then realizes that he mistook her as Yuzu and embarrassingly looks down on the floor. Madoka kindly smiles and says “Your mother…is over there. You got it wrong it seems.” Rin is looking down and runs towards Yuzu and Ryuu. 

Ryuu and Yuzu are talking how Koharu isn’t coming back from the washroom and are saying that she may be lost. Madoka doesn’t touch the juice and leaves it on the floor and gets away from there. 

Madoka is on a bridge and is looking at cars and says, “I’m the one who’s wrong. Mama huh…what am I even doing…”

Koharu grabs Madoka’s hands from the back. As Madoka was looking down from the bridge, Koharu thought that Madoka was intending to jump off. Madoka says that she wasn’t going to jump off from such a place. She adds that she wouldn’t cause trouble to random people and the height is too low as well. Koharu kinda agrees with her but she’s still worried and holds her hands firmly. Koharu was spying on Madoka at the shop and if she had planned to do something to Rin, then Koharu would have kicked her ass. But she’s glad that Madoka didn’t do anything. Madoka breaks down in tears.

Editor’s note: “The feelings that find no place turn into tears…”


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