Hare Kon 179 Summary

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Koharu is holding hands with Ryuunosuke and is happily walking with him. But Madoka appears in front of them and Ryuunosuke goes to her. Madoka glares at Koharu and says, “Only if you didn’t exist…” It was a dream. Koharu wakes up on her hotel’s bed. Beside her are Yuzu and Rin.

Rin: Huh? Where am I…?

Koharu: We’re at the hotel. The hotel!!

They came together to watch a concert. It’s had been a while since Yuzu and Koharu have listened to Ryuu’s piano. Rin hasn’t been able to come to the concert since he was too young so it was the first time for him this time.

Today they will go to an amusement park together, but Ryuu will join them later. Rin is enjoying his time to the fullest. Koharu and Yuzu are watching him and are talking that Rin will already join the kindergarten next year. They now talk about Madoka. Koharu says that Madoka hasn’t contacted her since then. “Ryuu only gives me a cold response when I ask him, so I feel like the two can resolve it themselves.”

Yuzu looks worried.

Yuzu: “I can’t imagine that Madoka will just easily give up. She may even do something to us…?”

Koharu: “What exactly…Like revealing our secret to the general public…?“

Yuzu: “No I don’t think that she will do it. For Madoka, Ryuu chan is the most important person to her.”

But still, Koharu remembers the danger she felt from Madoka. Yuzu says that the current Madoka could do anything. She stands up and says that she may be thinking too much about it. 

Yuzu: “To be honest, I’m actually not that worried! I can’t think that she’s evil from her roots.”

Rin comes back and Yuzu goes to the washroom, leaving Rin to Koharu. There’s a wedding going on in the park. Koharu feels about their wedding and feels nostalgic. Rin says that he will marry his mother. Koharu asks what about her and Rin answers that he will marry her too. Koharu: “It’s a hare kon…”

Yuzu comes back from the washroom and has Ryuunosuke with her. He’s wearing a mask to hide his face. Rin jumps on him out of happiness. Now Koharu goes to the washroom. She sees Madoka as she glares at the Date family’s happiness.

The dark shadow gets near to the peaceful family. Madoka’s wish is to destroy the Date family. What will her next move be?


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