Hare Kon 178 Summary

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Koharu tells Madoka to not run away. 

Koharu: “If you wanted to do the Harekon again, then I could understand you. But if your intention is to take him all by yourself…then I won’t forgive it! If you can’t endure the weight of this ring, then stop meeting with him secretly!”

Koharu says that she should understand the rules, and asks what her intentions are. 

Madoka snickers and says that Koharu is a simple person for looking at them. Koharu reaffirms her belief after looking at Madoka’s eyes that she has been holding a grudge on her since then. 

Koharu answers that she would obviously come here as she received a message from Madoka with a screenshot of Ryuu’s message. Madoka tells her to not act like she knows everything, and that she hasn’t grown a bit. 

Madoka: “It’s incredible that you aren’t feeling anything although your husband is getting seduced by another woman…didn’t expect any less from a Hare Con wife. You’re insane.”

Ryuu intervenes and tries to calm them down, but Koharu points out that he’s the one who’s at fault. He agrees that it’s their turn to speak and lets them continue. 

As Madoka walks away again, Koharu holds her arm, but she hallucinates that Madoka is holding a knife and collapses on the ground. Madoka asks a question to Koharu. 

Madoka: “Why don’t you leave the house? It’s not like you have your child there. Nor are you helping out with Ryuunosuke san’s work either. Don’t you realize that you’re causing trouble? Yuzu is also mostly taking care of the household right? If you weren’t there, then that child could also live like a normal kid. You know about it right? That the Hare Kon system is at the blink of collapse. I think there shouldn’t be a reason for you to be there or not?”

Ryuu intervenes and says that isn’t true. He says that the Date family is functioning because of Koharu. He also doesn’t think that a household doing the Hare Kon cannot be just simply broken down. Madoka leaves and tells Ryuu not to forget about his work tomorrow. Ryuu tells Koharu to go home, but then sees Koharu crying, and says “Wait you took it to hear?”

Koharu: “I…wasn’t…able…to say anything…”

Ryuu tells Koharu to stay at his hotel, but Koharu refuses saying that she doesn’t want to stay at the hotel in which he planned to stay with Madoka. She also still thinks that he’s creepy. 

Editor’s note: “Time passes as each are carrying their own thoughts. Confronting with their self, that can’t find agreement with the situation.”

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