Hare Kon 177 Summary

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Madoka is checking her message from Ryuu, and it says that they will meet at 7pm at a park. Madoka shows an uncanny smile. Places switches to Koharu’s coffee. They hear a political campaign car advocating for Reiko Bandou. She promises to create a ‘healthy’ city for the future of children. Koharu says that this time may be tough for Yuzu’s father. There apparently have been more voices against the ‘Hare Kon’ system, and that politician is quite popular.

Koharu: “It drives me crazy. All we want is to live peacefully…” As she says that, Koharu recalls Ryuu saying, “I want the 4 of us living happily again.”

Koharu seems to be lost in her thoughts and Urara calls her. Koharu looks at the time and realizes that she needs to go now, and asks Urara to take care of the cafee.

Ryuu meets up with Madoka wearing glasses as a disguise. Madoka is concerned if other people see him. Flashback starts when Ryuu and Madoka had a bet. Ryuu says that if he wins this fight, then they will go on a date next Sunday and on that day, she must listen to everything he says. Madoka answers that even without the bet, she would listen anything Ryuu would tell her anyway. But as Ryuu suggests some perverted requests, Madoka blushes and is speechless. Flashback over.

Ryuu asks if she wore the outfit he requested and she shows it. As they kiss, Madoka thinks, “You plan to make me your mistress right? I don’t mind it. Use me however you wish…I will listen to everything you say…But, don’t expect not to lose anything during that…”

They are walking around the park and hands her the ring and asks her not to take it off again.

Ryuu: “Marry me again as my third wife.”

Madoka says that she didn’t want to hear it again. She says that he has no idea how cruel that sounds to her. But Ryuu says that he knows it.

Ryuu: “The Hare Kon will continue to push you to your limits and bring you agony. And as long as you continue to love me, I will continue to destroy you and will protect you forever. This is the form of my love to you.”

As Madoka cries and runs away, Koharu confronts her.

Editor’s text: “For her family, and for herself. Koharu and Madoka confront each other.”


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