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Ryuu and Koharu are in their room, and he asks if she isn’t feeling well. 

Koharu: “Hmm…I’m already fine. Perhaps, I ate too much…”

Ryuu kisses her, and Koharu doesn’t turn away at first, but after few seconds, she instinctively avoid him. 

Koharu: “What…? It’s disgusting…!! Ryuu…is disgusting to me…!! Ugh…I feel like I’m about to puke…this is bad…ugh…”

Ryuu: “Hey hey could you make it even more obvious?”

Koharu is disgusted because his lips and tongue touched Madoka’s, and even though it used to be the case before as well, she just can’t help herself this time. She says sorry and goes to drink water. Even just looking at his face, makes her want to punch him. She can’t sleep with him today. As she thinks about that, there’s noise from outside, “What’s going on…?”

She sees Ryuu outside and he’s about to go to the top of the roof and to see the stars. He invites Koharu to come up as well. Ryuu says that today is the day where they can see meteor showers, and Ryuu hopes his wishes will come true. Koharu looks a bit sad, and asks what wishes he made. 

Koharu: “Did you wish that Madoka would come back?”

Ryuu: “Let’s see…I wished that the 4 of us would happily live together again. Ah! Now we have Rin, so it’s the 5 of us. I also wished that Rin grows up healthy. And if possible, for him to stop picking up poops from other creatures. That our family wouldn’t get any serious diseases or accidents, and live peacefully.”

Ryuu: “I wonder if I am wrong…I want all of you to be happy…but because of me you and Madoka look in pain…so much that I feel sorry for you two…but I also feel happy in a way….It’s loving to see you two suffer because of me…it excites me to be honest…”

Ryuu continues to talk how it sexually arouses him. 

Koharu: “Hey!! Stop it you perv!! We’re having a serious discussion!!”

Ryuu: “I’m being very serious…I wonder if no one is able to be happy with me?”

Koharu: “How the hell am I supposed to know. You do all this because you like it right! Then don’t falter!”

Ryuu: “I’m not really faltering.”

Ryuu: “I just wanted you to listen to me because I was worried.”

Koharu: “Why not have confidence?! You know I’m happy right now?!“

Ryuu: “Whaaaaaat? Realllyyyyyy?”

Koharu: “What?! Got a problem?!”

Ryuu: “You look very angry…”


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