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Chapter starts with Jou meeting up with Madoka.

Jou: “This is a nice place, isn’t it? Yo!”

“What is Madoka’s intention to get in touch with Jou?”

Jou says that it’s been a while and asks how many years it has been. Madoka says it has been 6 years and 11 months. She gives him the promised goods. It turns out she brought cigarets to Jou.

Jou: “What? Seriously?! Wait, I did ask for it, but I kinda asked it as a joke! By the way, I seriously have no money!”

Jou is happy that Madoka remembered the brand he used to smoke. He asks if they are dating, which results into a harsh what response, and Jou says he’s just joking. 

Jou got the help of a landlord, who provides him with a living place as well as food, and in exchange he has to take care of the cats and work. 

Jou: “And? What is it? The important discussion you wanted to hold.”

Madoka: “What do you think after looking at this face? If you desire so, we can conduct a DNA test. And then we should get a result that everybody can agree on.”

Jou: “What the hell are you planning to do? This matter has finished long time ago.“

Madoka then says that the Hare Kon law will soon be abolished. The public and media criticized the law harshly, and she expects the mayor to change. Which means that either Yuzu or Koharu will be sacrificed. 

Madoka: “This chid also may lose his father…”

At first Jou looks moved as he hears that Rin will lose his father, but says that it has nothing to do with him, and all Madoka says is also only her assumption. 

Madoka: “Right…this is merely an assumption. A justification to convince you.”

Madoka wants to first Yuzu to get away from Ryuu, and she expects that if there is proof that Jou is Rin’s father then Yuzu will pick him this time. Madoka asks Jou to work with her, so she can get Ryuu back. 

Jou refuses to help out and that he’s had enough of destroying families. 

Jou: “Well…I can’t blame you. In fact, I painfully know how you must feel…but think about it carefully. If there truly is any worth in obtaining a selfish happiness. Oh well, come here anytime you want. Next time I will feed you some fish.”

Madoka: “You may say whatever you want. I will take good care of your DNA sample.”

“She’s making progress on her plan to destroy the Date Family.”


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