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Chapter starts with Yuzu picking up Ryuu at the train station. 

Yuzu: Hey darling. I came to pick you up~~~!

Yuzu then immediately realizes the kiss mark on Ryuu.

Ryuu: What?! Uwaa you’re right…when did she…

Yuzu: Y…you’re cheating…

Ryuu explains that he wanted to tell her once he sees better chances to convince her, and as he tries to say that it’s Madoka. Yuzu already says that the kiss mark must have been from Madoka. He’s surprised that Yuzu already knows it, and she explains that Koharu saw Madoka on TV with him last week. Yuzu says that things must be going well with Madoka. 

Ryuu: Hmm…kind of…but Madoka has no intentions of coming back.

Madoka: I see…but she’s doing what she wanted right? Isn’t that a bit too convenient for her? She doesn’t want to marry you again, but she still wants your attention. Even I take issues when she acts like your mistress…

Ryuu: That isn’t her intentions either…Well, I’m still convincing her.

Yuzu is confused if that if Madoka truly doesn’t desire to be a mistress, “then why would she leave a kiss mark, and she probably did it being aware that we would realize it.That makes the most sense….then this means…anyway, make sure you talk to Koharu, she’s a bit nervous right now.

They arrive at their home, and Rin welcomes Ryuu back. Koharu recalls Yuzu’s words, “Don’t tell your husband who just came back from his work and immediately talk about the cheating thing, OK! Be nice to him for at least tonight!” Koharu isn’t sure if she can really do that. But at that moment, Ryuu says that he’s been meeting with Madoka. 

Ryuu: I made sure to check if I just can’t get over her, and if I just feel sorry for her…I still love Madoka. Like I love the two of you. That’s why I want to marry her again. But I still haven’t been able to convince her.

Madoka: (Are you sure this is going to work ou? Aren’t you a bit too direct with your words?)

Ryuu says that he wanted to tell them once she got the approval from Madoka and apologizes for making them concerned. 

Koharu smiles and says if that is the case, then she’s say OK with that and understands that Ryuu must have been too busy to talk. 

Koharu: “I told ya that you will be able to see her again. It’s exactly like I said! I mean this is a Hare Kon in the first place! That’s the rule anyway! We will, help you out!

They finish their dinner and Yuzu and Ryuu are talking. Yuzu says that he was really lucky that she saw the kiss mark and not Koharu. 

Koharu is in her room alone.

Koharu: “If you love her so much, then do whatever you want. You idiot! This is so frustrating.”


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