Hare Kon 173 Summary

Hare Kon 173 Summary was translated by BakaData

Ryuu is still sleeping, and Madoka applying makeup. She wakes him up saying that breakfast is ready. As Madoka serves him with rice, Ryuu recalls the past with Madoka.

Ryuu: I can’t eat that much already in the morning.

Madoka: You have to eat that. You struggled to wake up again because of low blood pressure.

Ryuu further recalls all the time he spent with Madoka, and is speechless for a moment.

[Flashback over]
Madoka: Is something wrong…?

Ryuu as usual sugar coats his opinion, and says he was excited remembering the night he spent with her yesterday.

Ryuu: You were quite frankly the worst. All you basically wanted was to feel good, and the rest was irrelevant to you. A true pig…Fufufu

Madoka: I’m so sorry…

Ryuu: Hmm? I’m praising you?

Ryuu says that they are both indecent and that’s why they get attracted to each other.

They are now riding the Shinkansen, and are using their phones to play Shogi against each other.

Madoka: You improved a lot from last time…

Ryuu: Fufufu feel free to call me Date Ryu-O (*TL Note: Ryu-O is one of the most prestigious titles in professional Shoji)

Ryuu says he has cornered her and is certain that he will win, but Madoka once again wins. She says that if he brings ice-cream this time then she will allow a re-match. On the table you can see few ice-creams as well as drinks, indicating that Ryuu has lost several times now.

Madoka: I don’t need anything anymore…You still want to continue?

Ryuu: One more time! One last time! I will give you anything you desire.

Madoka says there’s one thing she wants to have from Ryuu, and he suspects that she wants to have his balls, Madoka interrupts and says, “your time”. Ryuu answers that this will be expensive and the favour he will ask back will be naturally big as well. Madoka says that she doesn’t mind it, as she will win anyway.

Ryuu: Well then…If I win then…

Madoka leaves the train, and makes a call to someone.

Madoka: It’s been a while…It’s Madoka. I have something important to talk to you…It’s important for both of us. Can we meet somewhere? Pease call back.

Madoka on the last pages apologizes to Ryuu, and says that she knows that he won’t abandon his family, so she will destroy it. And then, the only things left to him are his talent and her.


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