Hare Kon 172 Summary

Hare Kon 172 Summary was translated by BakaData

Ryuu is bathing in a hot spring and says it’s hot. Madoka comes in apologizing for being late. Ryuu discovers a scar in her stomach area. Madoka explains that she has removed her uterus. She says that Ryuu probably doesn’t like the scar, but it’s not as bad as before.

Ryuu: You know that old scars are my favourites. There’s no way I wouldn’t like it. But I do think why I couldn’t be beside you though.

They are now back in their room and are having sex. Madoka is hiding her scar, but Ryuu asks her to show it and licks the scar.

As Ryuu licks all over her body, he tells Madoka not to keep her voices, and shout it out.

Madoka: Ehm…Let me do it too. It’s big.

Ryuu: You make me embarrassed when you stare at it like that.

Madoka: Can you from now on inject all your love only to me…? I won’t be able to give birth anymore. But as long as you are beside me, I’m happy. For that, I can do everything. I love you. So only love me…

Ryuu: I can’t do that.

Madoka: But…I love you. I can’t endure it. Is there really no other way…? What should I do then?

Ryuu: I also love you, Madoka. Come back.

Madoka: No…Please! Don’t go away from me! Please be on my side forever!

Madoka is asleep but Ryuu is awake, and looks at her.

Editor’s note: “Does Ryuu have a plan?”


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