Hare Kon 171 Summary

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​Chapter starts with a flashback, where Madoka tells Yuzu that she wants to become a childcare worker. Madoka thinks that she finally found her dream. After studying hard, she finally has acquired her license as a childcare worker. She has finally reached her dream, but she doesn’t look happy.

Bar owner: “You’re admirable. Well…You’re like a completely different person compared to when you were 13…You’ve truly worked hard…Madoka. ”

Madoka bows her head, and thanks the two, saying it’s because of them that she came this far. They tell her that the true hardship starts from here, but if she struggles with her life, she’s welcome to come back anytime. A guy is hitting on Madoka, asking her to go have lunch with him, but Madoka declines. Madoka buys food at a convenience store, and is at home. As she’s on her bed, she receives a message. Yuzu sent her a message thanking Madoka for the gift she sent to Rin.

She slams her phone on the bed after reading the message.

Madoka: “My head was in pain day after day…” She’s outside, but she holds her head, and is still seemingly in pain. Her eyes open up wide as she sees Ryuu’s advertisement for his 2nd album.

The two people from the bar are talking about Madoka, and the woman says that Madoka is doing well working as a childcare worker, and the only thing missing is to find a guy. The man says that he hasn’t seen her smile for a while, and believes that she’s trying her best to forget something.

The bar owner: “You know the only thing I wished for her was to see a big world out there…becoming strong and admirable….living in this world freely without being restrained by a guy or her parents…believing that this is her true happiness…so I tried to guide her…but doing that may have just been denying her lifestyle…how arrogant could I have been…pitying her for no reason…she isn’t a kid anymore…she should live the way she wishes.”

[Flashback over]
As Madoka is about to kiss Ryuu, the inn’s woke interrupts them, telling them that she will make their sleeping place ready.

Ryuu: “Well…how about we take a bath first…”

Madoka: “Ah…Yes…”

Madoka is finally laughing.


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