Hare Kon 170 Summary

Hare Kon Chapter 170 “An envious woman”​ was translated by BakaData

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As Ryuu tries to pad Madoka’s head, she says, “Don’t touch me! I…won’t return to that house anymore…I also have no intention to make you cheat on them.”

Madoka explains that being able to work with him and being able to see him shine again is enough for her. Ryuu hugs her and says that he won’t give up on anybody. 

Ryuu: “My family as well as you. This time I will make sure to love you all.”

[Scene moves to Yuzu and Koharu]
Yuzu says she doesn’t know how deep their relationship is, but they didn’t break up because they didn’t get along, so it’s possible that they get back to a relationship again. Yuzu believes that Ryuu wants Madoka to come back again. 

Yuzu: “Although I don’t believe that she will come back that easily.”

Koharu feels that would be too egoistic of her since she doesn’t know how much Yuzu and her have struggled the last years. She’s also upset that Ryuu isn’t saying anything, and that is the very proof that he has some dirty thoughts. As Yuzu is relaxed about the situation, Koharu asks why she’s comfortable with what everything going on right now. 

Yuzu: “Why you ask? I mean you also wanted Madoka to come back again, right? Depending on how Ryuu will convince her, even that proud Madoka will come back. It’s possible! And if that happens, then let’s tell her our feelings.” 

Madoka; “Why…I’ve been enduring everything so something like this wouldn’t happen…I’ve been holding myself back…It’s all your fault! I…am not a proper woman like you think I am…In reality…I’m sneaky…bothersome…and only think about myself…a spiteful woman…If Ryuunosuke san isn’t going to choose me then…I…I will take you away from them.”


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