Hare Kon 169 Summary

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​Ryuu is surprised at how luxurious the inn is that Madoka booked for him. Madoka asks if he isn’t satisfied. Ryuu answers that it’s not about that, but he is curious how much it costs to stay here. Madoka says there is no need to worry since the movie director will have to pay for the cost.

Madoka is about to leave, saying that she will come tomorrow to pick him up at 10:30AM. Ryuu stops her and asks how she can leave him alone at such a big place. 

Ryuu: “Isn’t there going to be some kind of special service from a beautiful woman?”

Madoka: “So you’re looking for some companion…I will search for that kind of service.”

Ryuu: “Huh…? You being serious? I’m inviting you.”

Ryuu asks her to stay, and says that he just wants to talk with her. Not more than that. Madoka decides to stay and they are drinking Sake. Ryuu wants Madoka to drink as well but she declines. 

Ryuu: “My intention isn’t to get you drunk and then assault you or anything.”

Ryuu says it’s been 5 years since they have been drinking like this. He has been waiting until a day like this would come again. Madoka says she thought that Ryuu had already forgotten about her. He explains that in the beginning he felt that he to do that. But he was not able to forget her. 

Ryuu: “No matter how much time passes. No matter how much I have sex with my other wives. Even after I have become a father. The hole that you left since you left us is still empty. Do you know why?”

Madoka: “When a person isn’t able to forget something even though they want to forget is because there’s a strong a remorse that prevents them from forgetting.”

Ryuu says he has been regretting that he didn’t stop Madoka from leaving him. 

Ryuu: “At that time…I thought I had to let you go…I thought that was the best for you. If I didn’t do that, I thought you that you look like you were about to die.”

Ryuu: “Our decision from that day wasn’t wrong, right? I will stop regretting things that already happened. Let’s drink.”

Madoka says she hasn’t become independent person deserving of respect like Ryuu says. 

Madoka: “I’m no good…I also have been regretting forever since that day…I always wanted to see you…!I’m so sorry. Ryuunosuke san…!”

Ryuu: “Madoka…”

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