Hare Kon 168 Summary

Hare Kon 168 Summary was translated by BakaData

Madoka is in her room, and she remembers Ryuu’s words, “Come tonight. I will be waiting for you forever.” Ryuu phones Madoka, but she ignores him.

[Next day]
Ryuu calls Madoka an awful woman. She didn’t visit him at night, but she also ignored his call. She says she was asleep. Ryuu says that’s an obvious lie since she usually always picks up his call no matter what time it is. Ryuu says he did not sleep as a result. They are not at the front desk and about to leave the hotel. Ryuu asks if Madoka is just being stubborn as she left the house in her own will. If she hated him now, then she would not have accepted his job offer in the first place. Madoka says she has no person feelings, and she is just doing her job.

Madoka: “How would you feel if your family were find out that you are hitting on me like this?”

Ryuu: “It’s not like I’m playing around.”

Madoka: “Does that mean you would abandon your family and choose me? Is that your wish? It isn’t, right? If that’s not the case, then please stop getting involved with me.“

Ryuu asks the hotel staff if he has a chance of winning her over, but she answers that it’s better if he would stop.

They are meeting up with the movie director, and he explains that he decided to change the script of a specific scene, so Ryuu’s song doesn’t match up with the scene anymore. He has to re-create the song so it matches with the scene.

Ryuu: “I have to re-do it again. I will tell my family, so please reserve a place for him to stay.”

Ryuu talks to Koharu on the phone and explains the situation, and he also playfully talks with Rin. Koharu tries to bring up the fact that she saw Madoka with him on TV, but she can’d do it.

Ryuu and Madoka are on a taxi, and she asks if Rinnosuke is cute.

Ryuu: “He suuuuper cute. You wanna see him? This is when he was one. He isn’t too bad when he was 2 either. He gets easily attached to people and likes to play around. He’s the idol of our family.”

Madoka: “You have really changed Ryuunosuke san.”

Madoka is irritated for calling Ryuu with his first name and not his last name. She blushes.

Koharu: “Madoka is there…with Ryuu…Why won’t you tell me?Even now…they are together…?”


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