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​Chapter starts with Ryuu saying bye to the movie director and his staff. Ryuu asks Madoka if she wants to go drink somewhere, but she answers that he said he was tired minutes ago. Ryuu says that he’s only tired to drink with old men, especially because he has been drinking with them almost everyday.

Ryuu also doesn’t want to see Madoka drinking with them, but she answers that’s also her job as his manager. Ryuu invites Madoka to hold hands, but she says, “Date San…please don’t misunderstand the situation. I didn’t come to Kyoto with such intentions.”

Madoka explains that she only came here to support him to make the world known of his talents. Ryuu answers that he knows, but makes noises of disappointments. He then looks at Madoka with puppy eyes, but she says that those eyes won’t convince her either.

Madoka apparently hasn’t officially returned to her manager position yet, but she has seen that Ryuu’s current manger is useless. She advices Ryuu to talk to the president and change the personal. But as the company is so small, his request was ignored. Once the next tour finishes, his contract expires, so he plans to become independent.

Ryuu: “And when that happens, I want you to be by my side.”

Madoka asks if the second wife is aware about that. Ryuu answers that he hasn’t told her anything yet since nothing has been decided.

Ryuu: “Are you worried? It’s alright. Well…I’ sure she will be surprised but she will understand.“

Ryuu asks if she still hates Koharu, and Madoka answers, “a lot”. But it apparently was Madoka who forced Ryuu to go see a doctor. If she didn’t do it, then he would still be trying to run away from reality. So without that, his relationship with Koharu would also be awkward.

​Ryuu: “Why did you help me out?”

Madoka: “You’re being too humble…Even without me, you have shown that you’re fine.”

As they have arrived at their hotel, Ryuu says he will be waiting for her to come tonight, and that he will be waiting for her forever.

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Madoka: “I can’t do it…I can’t go see you…”


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