Hare Kon 166 Summary

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Koharu is back at home and they are playing with waterguns. Koharu apparently plays the role of an antagonist, attacking Yuzu. She cries out for help in an erotic way, and Koharu tells her to stop. Acting as the hero, Rin shouts, “Ass Beam!!”. Koharu falls down and admits defeat.

They see dragonflies, and Rin chases them. Koharu comments how energetic Rin is. Yuzu says that it’s already fall, but Koharu answers it’s still hot like summer. Tomorrow is the first day of September, and Yuzu is looking forward to seeing her “darling” back again since that’s the day of his return. She says that Koharu has it good since she received love that lasts at least for a week. Meanwhile Yuzu had to endure being away from Ryuu for 2 weeks now, saying that’s the first time for her.

Koharu unconsciously makes a happy face, and Yuzu says she’s glad that the both are getting along again. Koharu comforts Yuzu by saying that tomorrow will be Yuzu’s day and the both can have fun as much as they want. Yuzu replies that goes without saying, and that she will have fun and receive all the love she didn’t get for the last 2 weeks. But Yuzu suddenly admits that her sexual desires aren’t as big as they once used to. Koharu is shocked after hearing that. Yuzu questions if her age is causing that.

Koharu asks if she doesn’t like sex anymore, and while Yuzu says that’s not the case, it wasn’t always the case that she as able to endure having no sex for 2 weeks. Her old self would have went to Kyoto instead of Koharu. And  says that recently when she’s about to have sex with Ryuu, she starts to think that she has to wake up early tomorrow. Yuzu jokes that if she’s like that then they can’t complain if that gravure model takes Ryuu away from them. She further adds that one family may need one wife that leaks that kind of erotic smell. Koharu says that Yuzu can’t afford losing to someone in terms of sexiness.

As they are talking, the TV on their background features Ryuu. Apparently, Ryuu got the job of a music director for an upcoming movie. Rin says “Papa” is there  and Yuzu follows up by stating that dad is cool. They are watching the show that features his lifestyle. While watching it, Yuzu says that having a wonderful husband like that and not having any sexual desires is worthy of getting kicked by his fans.

As they are watching the show, Koharu sees Madoka for a second. On the last page, Ryuu looks like he’s having dinner with the movie director, who thanks Ryuu for his work. And right behind him is Madoka.

Editor’s text: “Former second wife Madoka is right behind Ryuu…?!”

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