Hare Kon 165 Summary

Hare Kon 165 Summary was translated by BakaData

The chapter starts with Ryuu asking Koharu if she wants to know if he still has seeds or not. Ryuu suddenly starts a quiz, where Koharu has to say the answer.

She answers that he obviously still has seeds, and Ryuu answers that she is correct.

Ryuu explains that he made the test in a small room, and it turned out that almost all of his seeds were dead, but there were indeed still seeds that were alive.

Ryuu: “I still can have kids too!”

He adds that the chances of him having a child is still low, and right after that he prays to the rabbit sculpture, “I’m counting on you!”

Koharu asks if he was always thought about that, and Ryo answers yes, but as it’s not an entertaining topic and he knew that Koharu was concerned about it, he always tried to ignored it. He apologizes and explains that he was afraid of knowing the truth.

Koharu thinks that Ryuu must have fought all by himself.

Ryuu says that he thought why he even wanted to have his own child. And what exactly he wanted to have or what kind of expectation he has for his child. He explains that it’s the ‘future’.

He adds that the very proof of this invisible something that ties them together is their child. And the future that they can’t create may be created by their child or the child of their child. As their love and lives connect, history is created, and will forever continue. And this is ‘their eternity’, Ryuu explains. 

Ryuu takes Koharu to the station and before Koharu leaves, Ryuu says, “I love you” and then they kiss.

Koharu says she was glad that she came to see him. She would even undergo an operation for him as she also wants to create their future.  Ryuu asks why, and Koharu answers it’s because she loves him too.

As Koharu leaves, Ryuu talks to someone on the phone, “Are you possibly nearby?”

???: “Yes, right here.”

Editor’s note: “The woman nearby Ryuu is…?!”


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