Hare Kon 164 Summary

Hare Kon 164 was translated by BakaData

Chapter starts with Koharu waking up and regretting that she slept without taking her makeup off. Ryuu is still sleeping. Koharu blushes thinking that it’s been a while that she had this much sex with Ryuu.

As she brushes her teeth, she thinks that she doesn’t know the truth, but she somehow doesn’t care anymore who Ryuu talked to on the phone. She then wraps it up by thinking that Ryuu came to Kyoto to work anyway. 

Ryuu wakes up, and Koharu asks him if he wants to take a shower and then go eat something with her. He still looks sleepy, and Koharu gives the delivery that Yuzu asked her to deliver. 

Ryuu opens it up and turns out it’s just a porn magazine. Koharu is surprised that just a porn magazine is in the delivery, and she wonders if she came all the way to Kyoto to deliver a porn magazine. Ryuu says he started to feel horny, but Koharu tells him to stop. 

They are having breakfast, and as Ryuu has his day off, Koharu says that they should go somewhere, advocating to go to visit temples. But Ryuu says that there too many people there. 

They end up going to a famous river in Kyoto, and it’s also the place Koharu once went in her high school days.

As they are relaxing on a bench, Ryuu gets a phone call. Koharu looks concerned. As Ryuu comes back from his phone call, he says that Koharu is suspecting again. Koharu denies it and says that she just thought Ryuu must be busy with his job. Ryuu says that it was his manager who called, but he told his manager that he’s on a date with his wife. 

They are going to a shrine called “Okazaki Shrine”. Ryuu says that he was told today about this place, and apparently this place is known for giving blessings for a smooth conception. 

Koharu looks a bit surprised, and Ryuu tells her to pray too. Koharu has a sad expression on her face, thinking that Ryuu actually knew that she wanted to have a child. 

Koharu starts to explain that she has seen a gynaecologist, and thought her body isn’t able to conceive, but she doesn’t know the exact cause. 

She says that it’s not like she wants to a have child no matter what, but she started to feel that having a child would be nice. She says that it’s more complicating than she though. 

Ryuu suddenly says that he went to see a doctor too. He says that he checked whether he has “seeds” (semen) or not. 

Ryuu: “Do you want to know?”

Editor’s note: “Ryuunosuke knew about Koharu’s feelings. Words that can be only exchanged here starts. A discussion between wife and husband.


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