Hare Kon 162 Summary

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Ryuu holds Koharu’s neck from the back saying “You saw it?”

Inserted text: “Even in close relations, boundaries exist.”

Ryo says that whatever actions Koharu takes are always immature, and that she’s in need of punishment.

Koharu defends herself saying that she didn’t see anything and that she doesn’t even know the password, begging Ryuu to believe her, but Ryuu says that he can’t.

They have sex but continue their dialogue. Ryuu asks who is actually the worst after not believing anything he says and then even trying to check out his phone.

Ryuu: “How does it feel not to have done anything, yet to be suspected…”

Ryuu stops and says that he’s just joking and that he knows that she didn’t see anything since someone like her wouldn’t be able to crack the password down.

He walks away, saying that she wouldn’t believe him anyway, so she can continue to go crazy of envy, and fall asleep crying thinking about him. But Ryuu looks down and shows a sad expression.

Ryuu is saying bye to his family as he leaves the house for his trip to Kyoto, kissing his son and Yuzu. Ryuu and Koharu look at each other, and Ryuu is about to say something but stops himself. They kiss too and he goes.

Rin asks if papa will be home tomorrow, and Yuzu answers that he won’t be. Koharu wonders if Ryuu has any acquaintances in Kyoto, but Yuzu doesn’t know anything.

Koharu then says she will do some physical activities (in order to distract herself from all the thoughts she has.)

[A week later]

Koharu is vacuuming the house, and Yuzu calls her but she doesn’t reply. After Yuzu screams, she has got her attention.

Yuzu: “I need you do me a favour. Can you deliver this to him? To Kyoto!” 

Inserted text: “A sudden Kyto trip is decided!! Will this help Koharu overcome her troubling feelings…?!”


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